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Channeled Music

Sheryl is available for private channelings or group workshops.

Private channelings can be done over the phone. A CD recording is often very helpful and will be created and then mailed, upon request.

Group workshops and special group events are always lighted with channeling for the greatest good of the entire whole.


Sheryl Blumenthal


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Sheryl Blumenthal was recently a featured guest on the television talk show "Let Us Connect" on Channel 17 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Sheryl also works with animals on an individual basis, helping to improve communication between animal and
human by giving a voice to their feelings and thoughts.

All living things are connected...

Our pets have their own thoughts, fears, and phobias. Their feelings often go unnoticed, ignored or become hurt without our even realizing this. You can assist your "child of fur" with an amazing opportunity to hear his/her heart.

Sheryl is an intuitive empath. She often works with parents of young chilren, adults and their famly's animals.... our beloved pets. By giving a voice to our 'soul friends', they have a chance to speak, to be understood, and to become healthier and happier, as do we.

Sheryl is able to assist greatly in the development and respectful interaction between human and non-human.

Many people appreciate having a view of the thoughts and underlying stigmas that their pets may have developed due to many experiences unbeknownst to their owners. The communication that occurs during a session becomes extremely helpful. Many clients give feedback stating that they better understand their loved one and very much appreciate the healing process that they have participated in during their personal time with Sheryl.

Sessions may be done over the phone..

Click here for a printable flyer about
Sheryl's gift as an Animal Communicator.

To reach Sheryl, you may contact her at 570-224-4237.