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“With love all things are possible.”

Sheryl is a pure vessel. This heartfelt messenger is divinely guided. Through rare abilities her gifts offer love, healing, peace, and direct guidance through an extremely powerful and transforming unity with the Council of Elders. These angelic presences throughout history, are revered sentinary beings of 'the most high' who lovingly assist the transformation of our earth towards her highest ascension. The messages and the light that Sheryl brings forth are direct, vital, and pure. Her inner beauty and light will amaze you.


Sheryl, lovingly referred to as "The Little One", is a pure vessel for the I AM. This heartfelt messenger is divinely guided. She's often referred to as the master's healer. As a Universal Teacher and an enlightened being, her gifts support the work that humanity strives to excel towards. Through rare abilities her gifts offer love, healing, peace, and direct guidance through an extremely powerful and transforming unity with the Council of Elders. These angelic presences throughout history, are revered sentient beings of 'the most high'. Most lovingly, they assist the transformation of our earth towards her highest ascension. The messages and the light that come forth are direct, vital, and pure. This child's inner beauty and light will touch you deeply.

Sheryl has studied in England , Japan and the US for many years. She serves on a number of panels, including the board of directors for the non-profit Global Healing Foundation, the Global Council of Spiritual Teachers, an associate of the International Association for Spiritual Coaches (IASC), the Taskforce for Humanity, the Self-Worth Coalition-Global Initiative, and others. She has been the keynote speaker in numerous forums, a presenter at Columbia University , the UN, retreat centers, fellowships and many other programs. Sheryl holds a number of ministerial licenses and certifications.

Through years of counseling individuals and working with large groups, this child helps assist individuals in the release of fears and emotional blockages that stem from their cellular origin (DNA). With emotional burdens freed, true inner joy, happiness, health, abundance and vitality return naturally. Wholeness within, lovingly expressed as 'heaven within'... creates transformationally, affecting all of mankind, our entire world and reverberating throughout the galaxies.

Over the past 20+ years, some of our world's most ascended souls have befriended and mentored Sheryl. Included are internationally renowned healers, lightworkers, alchemists, friends, spiritual leaders and peacemakers, clairvoyants, indigenous teachers, authors, spiritual filmmakers, gifted sentients, rare channels and hosts and hosts of beautiful and loving souls, through the sharing of their hearts. Through the ongoing practical application of Seimei, a rare healing technique from Japan, and its study for many years, as well as the work done at Arthur Findlay College in England, one of the oldest schools in the world for intuitive healing studies and channeling, Sheryl has gained stronger awareness and an even more rare and open vessel.

Sheryl has been featured on television and radio programs and within many other forums: retreat centers, wellness foundations, an honored staff member and regular presenter at the Edgar Cayce Institute, churches, holistic practices, yoga centers and more. For many years, she was an elementary and special needs public school teacher. She is the author of "Heaven's Doorway-Through the Little One"; "Humanity's Doorway" (CD); "Love One Another" (CD); and is currently in the process of completing two new books and numerous MP3 downloads. Her new books, soon to be released are "Watch the Changes in Our Animals; Watch the Changes in Our Skies"(An amazing intuitive perspective through the eyes and souls of our animals and beyond.) and "Oneness for Mankind" (Through the Little One). This book reveals insight-filled truth about the true path of the "eagles of heaven".

For more information, please call 570-224-4237 to schedule an event in your area.

Personal phone consultations are a large portion of the work that Sheryl does. CD recordings are made and mailed to each client with their permission and upon request. Many people prefer to invite Sheryl to be hosted in their areas and personal collectives. Please, feel free to do this, as she is always willing to support this work.

Embrace an event where unified, like-minded souls gather in oneness, as supportive messages through grand guidance, coupled with Archangels, provide astoundingly rare and loving light and an extremely transformational energy experience. Each soul present in such a group benefits from all he/she hear, feel, release from fear, and ascend within. This experience is supportive to all who attend both in the physical and beyond. This child's gift; a mirror of who we truly are and a pure messenger for the divine, teaches us lovingly, as expressed through the view of the holy spirit. Always, we are reminded to remember our divine purpose and the truth of who we are. Always, the remembrance in each assembly is for the ascension of man, the need for global unity and the highest, most great good for all in attendance. As human/divine beings for the I AM, we are encouraged to become whole and aligned, as in truth, we are far greater than what our minds believe. This awareness creates transformationally...affecting all of mankind, our entire world, through all eternity and through eternal life for all eternal regions.


Dearest Friends,

... "I am inviting you, personally, to experience the blessed gifts of Sheryl Blumenthal..."

In trying to describe Sheryl, I sometimes find difficulty because her essence is so beyond this world. She is a rare light in a challenging world. In a thousand years, I predict that she will be remembered as a Holy woman; perhaps sooner, if the human race can open up to its' cumulative gift of which we each contribute a parcel. She cares not of recognition only that (through her quiet, sweet and humble demeanor) we can each come into and express the light of God which we each bear. Her strength is an enigma relative to her persona. I hope you choose to experience it as a group and individually. Healing one heart at a time, I believe, will give the highest hope for the collective.

I cannot adequately express my admiration for her having accepted her gift as a channel of light and love and as a healer of souls so desperately in need of forgiveness and expression. Once experiencing her gifts with an open mind, I believe that you will experience a healthier and more hopeful view of your journey in this lifetime.

It was only because of the dire straits that I was in that Sheryl revealed her abilities to me. Through her selfless sharing of messages from those who love me in this world and beyond, I was able to accept and embrace my very challenging journey. I learned that I have all the help I need as long as I open the door to Holy guidance.

Sheryl has taken the brave step of making this her life's work. She is becoming recognized among the enlightened in countries as far away as Japan. She is also a regular presenter with some of the most gifted and highly evolved light bearers in the world. It is her dream that we all realize how beautiful we are and live in accordance with our beauty.


Sheryl has remained an avid love of light and is passionate about helping people to journey towards achieving their soul’s quest and realizing their true gifts. Through years of counseling individuals and working with groups, Sheryl has remained a clear, strong channel for the Divine, witnessing many BECOME.

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